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The premium custom ROM for the Xiaomi Poco F1.

custom ROM for the Xiaomi Poco F1.

Xiaomi Poco F1 is the perfect phone for those who are moderate about cost and performance. Google’s Android Oreo 8.1 offers a great appearance and smooth performance. However, the MIUI is a factor that hinders it from reaching its full potential. MIUI is a cumbersome skin-based user interface with many unnecessary bloatware that cannot be eliminated quickly.

This is why the majority of users do not want an MIUI interface. Instead, they prefer a more lightweight user interface.

The only way to resolve this issue is to transfer a tradition ROM for the Poco

F1. Custom ROMs are third-party

developed firmware that is extremely light and offers greater features and performance when compared with the MIUI firmware. The majority of custom ROMs are created keeping the experience of the stock version in mind and are free of extra bloatware.

In this post, I will present the top custom available for Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2021, which can be installed in only a few minutes on the phone. Many custom ROMs exist in Poco F1, but I have selected only the top 7 custom ROMs here.

The primary goal of best custom ROM for Xiaomi’s PocoF1 is that the custom ROM follows is to offer an intuitive user interface with the most advanced capabilities and speed.

MIUI comes with the Snapdragon 845 processor and 6/8 GB of RAM, which can be used to create a custom operating system to enhance your phone’s presentation.

also, transfer & Setup up Lineages 16 tradition ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5S since the custom ROMs don’t have any bloatware or RAM-hugging requests.

Therefore, your Poco F1

will have more available RAM and operate more efficiently than before.

A list of the best custom ROMs that work with the Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2021 lineages 16.0 Nitrogen OS Pixel Experience Coextended cardioid Omni ROM lineages Arrow OS is among the most popular custom ROMs on Android smartphones.

lineages have been running on the Android smartphone for a long time; earlier, it was named Cyanogen Mod, but later, it was changed to lineages. lineages are an AOSP-based OS AOSP that offers an Android-like experience that is stock with no bloatware.

lineages contain almost all the features available in the official MIUI ROM in terms of the feature. lineages are extremely lightweight because it’s bloatware-free and doesn’t include any applications except for trebuchet.

Tribeca is a light launcher with simple functions and is very easy to use.

After flashing lineages on Xiaomi Poco f1, you can install Gape according to your requirements.

Here are a few highlights of the lineages 16.0 for

Xiaomi Poco F1: Burnt-in protection

(Prevent the phone from becoming hot). Live display support. Privacy protection by using a native superuser. The ringtone feature is being increased. Unlinked notification sound.

Per-app data/WIFI toggle. If you’re searching for the fastest and most stable room with an excellent battery backup, then lineages 16.0 can be the most suitable choice in the case of Poco F1. Also, Read– Download and Install lineages 17.1 for Redmi Note 9 Pro Android 10 Nitrogen OS.

Nitrogen OS is another most customized from Xiaomi Poco f1 based on the AOSP. The room has some limitations; however, ROM speed and performance are top-notch.

If you’re seeking a room with the smallest number of options and excellent stability, Nitrogen OS would be your ideal choice. It is extremely optimized and provides a comfortable performance on Poco F1.

Nitrogen OS comes pre-loaded and comes with Android Pie and has a minor issue that was fixed every time they frequently update. Some highlights are included in.

Nitrogen OS for Poco F1: Status Bar. Navigation Bar.

Custom Power Menu. Gesture. Lock Screen Customization. Quick Setting. Buttons.

Pixel Experience. As the name suggests, the ROM will offer a Google Pixel experience on your Xiaomi Poco f1.

This means it will come with all Pixel features, wallpaper animated boot sequence, and sound. Pixel Experience will always be the top Android ROM.

Pixel Experience is built on the AOSP platform and provides an experience similar to the stock ROM.

The ROM is light-weighted and comes with the gape, which means that it doesn’t require flashing the Gepps separately.

Features of the Pixel Experience ROM for Poco F1.

Based on Android 10. gaps are included. It displays weather information on your lock screen. The automated theme for the boot animation.

The encryption is in place, so you don’t have to format your internal storage.

The Pixel Experience is compatible with Poco F1 (Beryllium), is built on the most up-to-date version of Android 10, and is an excellent ROM.

You can utilize this ROM for an everyday driver. coextended V6.1. coextended, also known as AEX, is a different top customized ROM compatible with Xiaomi Poco F1. The room comes with an array of additional features, which you can find in the lineages or RR Rom.

Apart from the features for customization,

it provides a complete standard experience. You Might Also be Interested Nimblest Custom Rom for Redmi Note 6 Pro (Updated)– 2019. This is bundled with three apps: AEX papers, Via browser, and Retro music.

The apps are extremely light and have a function. The customization option includes the Status bar, lock screen rapid adjustment, boot animation, and much more. Features of coextended V6.1 for Poco F1: DUI (Fling/Pulse/Smartcard). DU Font Engine.

Substratum Theme Engine, with Rootless Support. Status Bar Customization. One-Handed UI.

Notification Count. Toast Icon. Back Button Kyl Background Apps.

There are many more to come. droid. Cardioids’ ROM on Poco F1 is designed to improve the performance and reliability of Android and also to join some of the most advanced features that are available in the market today.

It includes many features, like powerful features like power menus, locking screen modifications, toast icon, and numerous others. Since the ROM is built on lineages and lineages, it has many additional features compared to the other versions.

There are many features that you can’t obtain in the official lineages ROM.

Here are the top features of the droid V5 version for Poco F1. Pixel feels and looks.

cardioid Music and File Manager. droid Home and settings.

ART as well as BIONIC optimizations. The entire lineages feature. Beyond these, numerous choices for customization are accessible.

Certain customization options include the status bar clock customization and lock screen customization, rapid setting, advanced power menu, etc. Omni ROM.

Omni ROM is a feature-rich room that is based on AOSP.

It is among the most popular custom ROMs for various devices because of its high-end features.

Furthermore, the ROM is regularly updated, and there’s no need to fret about updates in the future or bugs that need to be fixed. Also, read and download the 12 best custom ROM that works with the Redmi Note3 Snapdragon.

This form has been proven to be solid and provides many options for customization available within RR or lineages ROM. A few of the features available in Omni ROM for Poco F1 are shown below. Omni gears. Advanced reboot. Dual-column settings.

Headers of notifications that are dynamic. Omnis’s witch.

Arrow OS. Arrow OS is designed to keep simplicity in mind. This is among the most popular custom ROMs available for Poco F1 for a simple, clean, and neat interface. If you are a fan of the stock android experience,

this is a great choice. It is a ROM with no extra features and gives users an experience that is completely stock Android.

Certain features that are custom can be added as essential. Other than that, it doesn’t include any bloatware and offers users a smooth experience.

It comes in two variations, one built on Android 10, and the second one is Android 9. You can pick which you’d prefer to flash to Xiaomi Poco F1.

Conclusion. Here is a list of the top custom ROMs available with the Xiaomi Poco F1 in 2021. Certain options are sophisticated and packed with features and performance, while ROM such as Arrow OS provides a stock Android experience.

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