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Realme Phones: Tips To Get The Best Smartphones At Best Price

Realme Phones

Investing in a smartphone is not as simple, given the vast range of tasks we rely on our mobiles for. A capable mid-range phone, such as Realme X7 Max, will conveniently help you with a range of activities that you would otherwise use a laptop to perform.

If you are planning to shell out your hard-earned money for a quality handset, a Realme phone fits the bill. Smartphones like Latest Realme X7 Max boast enticing looks and high-end features at relatively lower prices and are very popular in India today.

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best Realme phone for your budget:

1. Time your purchase

Mobile phone prices fluctuate throughout the year, and you need to pay attention to the timing of your purchase. For example, most sellers have terrific offers around festivals and events like Republic Day, Valentine’s Day etc.

You should also watch out for bargain deals and sales festivals organized by shopping portals. In some cases, you may be able to get as much as 30 per cent to 50 per cent off on the original price.

Also, remember that the cost of smartphones drops sharply within a year of their launch. Thus, it might be a good idea to wait for a while before splurging your money on the latest model.

2. Check out the phone for real

We have come to depend so much on online services that we have forgotten what it’s like to visit a physical store. If you have doubts about a Realme phone or want to touch and feel a handset before buying it, go to the mall and check it out.

You can ask the retailer for the pros and cons of the phone, and you may even get a reasonable rate. Be sure that the retailer gives you the correct phone model with the right specifications and warranty before you complete the purchase.

3. Look for the best features

Having the most powerful device you can afford is a no brainer. But spending a little lesser for better features is an even sweeter deal.

A solid mid-range phone like Realme X7 Max packs a SUPER AMOLED 120 Hz display, 12 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

It also has a triple main camera setup (64MP + 8MP + 2MP) and a 16MP front selfie camera. These are high-end features, and they are yours at a price far lower than what premium phones cost.

4. Don’t forget last year’s flagship model

Last year’s flagships are this year’s forgotten heroes. You can probably get an older top-end device at a much lower price today.

This is because smartphones as a commodity suffer from a high rate of depreciation — soon after a new model is launched, its price goes inevitably down.

Therefore, you need to be on the watch for premium phones that may have been launched a while back but are still available at a much lower price.

5. Don’t forget to exchange your old phone

Exchanging your old phone for a newer model can give you a considerable cashback or discount. Many online brands offer trade-in promotions.

This means your old phone is checked and evaluated, and money equal to its current market value is deducted from your new product price.

This is a great way to shave a few bucks off your Realme mobile price. You can even take your old phone to a retail store for an appraisal if you are unsatisfied with its online exchange price.


Budget, flagship, or mid-range? Whichever mobile you are looking for, a Realme phone is an excellent choice if you want the best features at an affordable price.

But there are specific guidelines you should follow to get the best possible deal on a new phone like Realme X7 Max. Here we give you five tips to help you purchase your dream handset at the lowest price in India.

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