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How to implement Cyber Security in your project? 

Cyber Security

In this era of technological advancement and networking, cybersecurity has become more necessary for companies than before.  With the increase of technology on one side, cybercrime continues to increase on another side. Cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities are continuously increasing.

The need for security for data and networks has brought Cyber security to the forefront in many companies or organizations. As insufficient security networks can leave companies vulnerable, technology leaders are integrating security components in their projects in the early stage. It is an industry best practice to have a cyber-security implementation plan in place from the beginning and continue it throughout the development cycle.

However, this process is monotonous and needs detailed planning before execution.

At this point, we bring you the best practices that a tech leader should implement to address cyber security from the start of any tech project.

Steps to implement Cyber Security in your project: 

  1. Define clear boundaries

It is very necessary to define clear boundaries of the system. From identifying the data storage location to determining the data flows and critical dependencies, it is very important to set a boundary clearly. Your organization should have a well-defined and clear representation of the institutions that store or process the data.


  1. Delete insider threats

As per the research of cyber security, most of the cybercrimes take place and results from the employees having access of confidential and sensitive data. For the safety of your company, you must foster a culture of alertness among all employees.

  1. Security awareness training

You should ensure that your employees understand that cyber security is the first priority and know the initiatives and procedures that you have in your company to secure from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. Regular cybersecurity awareness training for your employees makes it easy for the employees to understand the concepts of phishing, spam, malware, spear-phishing, and ransomware. It is important to encourage the employees to follow the security policies and consider it fundamental work.

  1. Network Segmentation

 Network segmentation is the most important and effective security measure that an organization can implement at the time of building the architecture of a new project.  Network segmentation is the process to divide the most extensive computer networks into sub-networks that are isolated from each other to improve the security of a network is necessary to implement cyber security at the beginning of an architecture of a new project. A well-structured network segmentation minimizes the impact of network intrusions and increases overall data security by preventing data breaches.

  1. Security and Privacy by design

The principle of Security and privacy by design involves the concept of Cyber security implementations. It also includes implementing privacy into technology solutions by design and default.  Deploying the security and privacy principles plays an important role in the development of a security program.

  1. Review the latest cyber security cases

It becomes very important to protect the data and minimize cyber-attacks in your company. Security policies and guidelines have become more essential than ever.  Reviewing the real cases of the latest cyber security cases helps you to understand how organizations are leveraging cyber services to boost their cyber posture. Reviewing the cyber security cases helps you to get a holistic view of security and understand the impact of inadequate protection.

  1. Data Mapping

In the case of sensitive data, it is essential to create a data processing map to assess the privacy risks. Data mapping makes it easy to pinpoint where to implement security measures. It is very necessary to understand the data transformation path for user data mapping.: The storage space involved in the data flow; what type of data is processed; who is accountable for personal data; Who else can access the data. After that encourage your security team to create security controls for the data.


Apart from adopting the cyber security measures in your project, continue to implement it through the cycle of development.

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