Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Location Analytics: How Locational Intelligence is Changing Business Landscape

Businesses today are driven by data and intelligent technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling organizations to take informed, objective decisions. Location analytics is one such technology that is ushering in fundamental transformations in business activities. Its wide scope has given birth to a thriving market, […]

Your guide on setting up a store and running a super successful Instagram store

Instagram is now among the top social networks around the globe. In 2021, the site was home to more than 1 billion users. If you are a business this is an enormous number of users that you can immediately reach and concentrate on the market to increase the size of your business and boost conversion. The secret […]

Bitcoin, Web3 and the Roots of Greed: The case for a new digital financial order

Bitcoin and the digital financial order are key to understanding the roots of greed. Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows you to conduct transactions without involving banks or governments. It’s also a new way of transferring money, which makes it more efficient than traditional methods like check writing and wire transfers. Bitcoin was created […]

Are Startups Evolving Quick Enough to Make Money As Public Tech Valuations Fall?

Startups have always been around, but their growth has been slow. The problem is that as the public tech valuation falls, startups are becoming more and more difficult to find. This is because investors are scared that they might not be able to make a return on their investment in a relatively short amount of […]

Amazon Web Services Will Be Bought By Amazon In 2022! Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re read any articles or watched any TV shows about the future of technology, then you’ve likely heard about Amazon Web Services. Amazon has been in the tech industry for a long time, and they know what they’re doing. They’re being mentioned more and more as a potential buyer of Apple, Google, and Facebook. […]

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