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What are the benefits of swimming?

benefits of swimming

What are the benefits of swimming?

Swimming helps to relax spiritually and mentally and also contributes to reducing stress and stress by Lifeguard Class.

Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming is ideal for all ages . Swimming  is seen as an activity that can only be done during the summer and holidays. However, when done regularly, it increases heart and lung capacity, gives weight control and protects a person’s existing muscle mass. The effect of water relaxation can also positively affect a person’s psychology. SwimmingIt is an exercise that works the whole body, which causes every part of the body to burn calories. Swimming paralysis works all major muscle groups of your body, whether freestyle or breaststroke.

Swimming also provides the flexibility of the neck, shoulder, arm and leg. Moreover, it improves coordination, flexibility and endurance. It is important to have a healthy diet and sports practice to maintain the health of the body, prevent acute or chronic diseases, and improve the quality of life. To increase the body’s resistance, a diet with high vitamin and mineral levels should be consumed. Paying attention to the fact that foods that are consumed are free of hormones can increase health levels at the same rate. It is important to consume a daily dose of carbohydrates, fats and proteins as recommended by experts.

Cardiovascular Exercise Reduces Body Fat Ratio Cardio exercises include running, walking, swimming and cycling. Due to the hot weather, swimming is preferred in the summer. This is an exercise that people of all ages can do comfortably. This is a sport that anyone who is small, large, overweight or thin can do comfortably, as water cannot be experienced in the stresses experienced in land sports. Young children can start swimming by age 4.

Provides muscle growth and general strengthening

Swimming strengthens all the muscles in the body. Legs, arms, back, abdomen, every part of your body works, tightens and is beautiful. If you need inspiration, you can look at the bodies of famous swimmers.

Mental health benefits from swimming

People are exposed to many different stress factors throughout the day. This creates an effect that increases blood pressure and causes the nerves to deteriorate. However, it is known that water helps lower blood pressure and relax. Benefits of Swimming  There is also throwing away the accumulated energy of people. With this feature, swimming is done in summer and winter today. People who participate in swimming competitions at least one or two days a week know that they are much better off. Because when anger is not directed at the right person, it prevents this person from throwing negative energy on him. This can lead to bad thoughts and harassment of those around them. Swimming is a sport that is not overly tiring and can be done easily by everyone.

It works all your muscles The first of the benefits of swimming is that it works almost all muscles equally. It is common to experience bone and muscle problems from time to time because you only focus on certain muscles in gym programs. However, you are unlikely to face such a problem when swimming. Similarly, you better protect your bone and joint health.

Swimming lowers high blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, swimming is a great way to lower your blood pressure. In one study, men and women who had a sedentary lifestyle but suffered from high blood pressure significantly reduced heart rates over the course of 10 weeks. This is especially useful for people who are engaging in other exercises due to weight, asthma or injury. In another study, after a year of regular swimming, hypertension decreased if patients with hypertension developed insulin sensitivity, which is important for avoiding type 2 diabetes.

Swimming and Weight Control The physical and psychological benefits of swimming are  actually intertwined. Because its physical effects also offer psychological benefits. Swimming is actually not an adequate activity for weight loss,  especially when  it is effective to burn fat around the waist . Swimming sports provide a healthy and ideal weight control for the individual. During swimming, it is a sport that shapes and shapes the body, and many muscles work in different forms. 30 minutes of swimming, especially in the breaststroke style, provides about 350-360 kcal burns. On the other hand, 100 kcal can be burned by a half hour brisk walk and 250 kcal by a half hour bicycle ride.

Prevent the risk of your heart disease

In a study of patients with osteoarthritis; Researchers have noted that swimming is as effective as cycling in enhancing cardiovascular function and reducing inflammation. During my swim, the water surrounds our body and puts pressure on the body. This allows our blood circulation to work more efficiently. Swimming protects our heart health by regulating heart rhythms and regulating blood circulation. At the same time, swimming improves the respiratory capacity of the lungs and allows more pure blood to reach our heart. Therefore, swimming is an activity that supports cardiovascular health more than other forms of exercise.

Increases body flexibility

In human body water, bones and joints are more relaxed. This way, swimmers gain flexibility and can easily open their limbs at wide angles.


A study of over 4000 swimmers around the world determined that swimmers find swimming to be a relaxing and relaxing sport. Again, according to some research, swimming is seen as an exercise that affects serotonin hormone secretion, also known as pleasure hormone. Swimming reduces stress levels, relaxes and relaxes the nerves, making you feel better spiritually. Swimming, an activity in the water, helps calm mental states such as anger and irritability.

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