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Is swimming an overrated body sport?


In these summer heat, everyone is looking for a way to cool down and refresh themselves, whether it is with cold and light food or with some cold drinks. However, probably the best way to deal with the heat is to spend time in the water – pool, lake or sea. But refreshing is far from the only benefit of swimming with lifeguard recertification.

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Although there are many challenges to swimming into a regular physical activity habit, such as taking the time, resources and desire to learn , here’s why at least in the summer months it is well worth trying to be more active in the water.

A thousand and one reasons to keep swimming

In addition to the many scientifically documented benefits of swimming, people often describe the feeling in the water as liberating, and even as a way of healing in relation to the accumulated stress of everyday life. Many often emphasize the immense enjoyment of the feeling of floating or spending time in space “without gravity”. Of course, there are various phobias related to water, but they are not so common.

Any type of physical activity is a good choice, especially if practiced regularly!

Exercising any kind of physical activity, especially on a regular basis , has the potential to provide us with a wide range of health benefits: maintaining an ideal body weight, better heart health, reduced risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and even prevention of malignancies, etc. .

Exercise may have greater benefits for our mental health than our physical health! For more on this topic, take a look at the video by clicking on the following link: Physical activity and mental health .

Health benefits of swimming

Let’s look at the more specific benefits that swimming has to offer compared to other activities .

Of course, the benefits of this sport are different depending on the level of readiness, ie the degree with which you are invested in swimming . However, the very presence in the water without having a more demanding movement, can be considered an activity in the water and is useful to some extent.

What does research say about swimming?

Swimming can help you lose fat faster. A study published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation shows that middle-aged women who swim for 1 hour, three times a week, have a significant reduction in fat compared to those who do not.

Swimmers also have improved flexibility, endurance and a better lipid profile (fat and cholesterol).

Half an hour of swimming, at a moderate pace, consumes 250 to 360 calories , depending on weight. These are a lot more calories than most commonly practiced activities.

The so-called “Cardio” exercises are activities that involve the heart , but also the lungs and the entire circulatory system .By swimming, we ensure better adaptation to smaller amounts of oxygen, ie we have a more efficient utilization of oxygen from the inhaled air . Swimmers are also known to have better lung capacity.

Numerous studies confirm that this activity can significantly help lower blood pressure. A 2016 survey of 20 young men who practiced moderate-intensity swimming over a 2-month period   The results showed that the training was particularly beneficial not only for blood pressure, but also for the health of the heart walls.

Swimming also improves lung capacity and helps to better control blood sugar

Unlike most activities that target a specific muscle group, swimming simultaneously “engages” a number of different muscle groups , thus providing training for the whole body . When swimming, we use not only the muscles of the arms, but also those around the abdomen, back and legs, almost to the same extent.

Swimming will not only build stronger muscles, but also increase your endurance and muscle mass.

Compared to any type of exercise, swimming, although it engages almost all muscle groups and burns a lot of calories, is also the  safest workout you can have when it comes to injuries. For these reasons, training that involves this activity is recommended for people with various physical injuries, but also for those with certain mental disorders. Swimming is safe for pregnant women , and there are studies that say mothers and their babies can benefit greatly from swimming during pregnancy.

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