Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive: the digital company is no longer a problem

Microsoft SharePoint

Whether your goal is to clean the desks of your companies from bulky folders and paper files or to manage the flows of written information and documents produced in the company in a more rational and modern way, the Microsoft Office 365 environment can be there. of great help through two very powerful tools.

One Drive for Business and SharePoint, in fact, offer all the space in the cloud and the functions necessary to store and share, in a targeted manner, the electronic documents generated by the Office 365 applications. And not only that. The adoption of these systems, in addition to reducing the consumption of paper and consumables for printing, directs the work toward digital methods that have become indispensable in the era of social distancing and the limitations placed on the accessibility of offices.

The health emergency has led to a sharp increase in investments in document management solutions globally, a market that is estimated to exceed a total value of 10 billion dollars in 2025. If Microsoft One Drive represents the first significant step toward a customized to digital documentation management, the SharePoint platform is a true management platform, capable of coordinating the exchange of documents and multimedia information, but more demanding in terms of configuration and control and which, in order to be exploited to its full potential, requires the intervention of specialized consultants.

The One Drive for Business and SharePoint solutions are very useful for addressing other aspects, in addition to the problems of paper consumption and dispersion:

the availability and organization of large volumes of documents, often created in mobile work contexts, on systems not directly connected with archives residing on the corporate IT systems;

Sharing of files that require rereading or interventions by several people;

The correct chronology of the information that is generated acquired and subsequently modified;

The management of access rights to documents that may only concern certain people or company functions.

Furthermore, in many business contexts, document management plays a fundamental role in the regulatory field, where the company is required to comply with laws relating to the conservation, certification, and confidentiality of digitized data.

Microsoft SharePoint is a solution historically conceived for the management of information flows in workgroups within the so-called corporate intranet networks, whose management is based on the functional and visual paradigms of the Web (in this sense SharePoint can also be considered a content management system comparable to editorial platforms). Its subsequent evolutions towards the Microsoft 365 cloud world and its full integration into the Office 365 ecosystem have resulted in further enrichment of the storage, sharing, and team working functions.

Microsoft One Drive for Business is only apparently a secondary tool to SharePoint. If it is true that the functions for sharing and controlling access to the files stored in each user’s personal space are less extensive than the “big brother”, One Drive is a powerful information organizer and can be an “ideal companion” for working with SharePoint, even more so when working in contexts of high mobility and corporate distancing. To create an effective and performing work environment, it is essential to have planning skills and abilities that cannot always be acquired or trained internally but requires the intervention of specialized consultants.

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